Why macrobiotics is not spreading like wildfire

Often when one is exposed to macrobiotics, they get the feeling that how they are eating is all wrong. So unless they are greatly motivated (which can happen when they have a serious disease and doctors tell them there is nothing they can do for them), they might say interesting, but usually won’t take it seriously.


Because nobody, but nobody likes to be told they are wrong. People really don’t want proofs, or arguments, or logic – they just don’t want to be told they are wrong.

And the problem is, everyone who feels they are right, wants everyone else to know it.

It doesn’t work.

I got this realization not from mb, but because of the gay parade a couple weeks ago. How insistent people are to let others know they are gay and must be accepted as they are. And sadly, that is a good argument for the liberal feel good of today – all people must be accepted as they are. Most unfortunate that one sick individual killed an innocent young girl at last year’s and that has made this year’s parade even more emotional.

No one wants to be told they are wrong. That is partly why Judaism is in the minority – at least the Judaism that follows the Torah – no one wants to be told they are wrong – if it feels good, why not.

Torah holds to a higher law, to a morality that is sometimes hard to accept. http://torah.org/torah-portion/livinglaw-5767-vayera/

There are those who find reason to say but look at the Haredim and how they do this or that – Herman Wouk makes a great point in his book, This is My God: a beautiful piece of classical music may be played badly by an orchestra, that doesn’t make the music less valuable. So with Torah.

Israel exists because of G-d and Torah – it’s a great shame that those Jews who are fortunate to live in this country do not recognize it and spit in the face of Torah. I was told that is harsh – they certainly don’t feel they are spitting in the face of Torah. But I don’t know how else to describe being proud of doing what the Torah says not to do.


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