Don’t know what you got til it’s gone

Sometimes this is a tragedy – and a wake up call to live life fuller and love the people around you.

But this time, it’s just renovating our kitchen – and for me it’s huge. As the kitchen is a big part of my life – that is, food is and having everything I need, where I need it is more important than I realized. Here’s our old kitchen, though a few things were already moved out.20150726_22272020150726_222803

So we’ve gone through several stages – all of them involving a huge upheaval of having things as I’m used to them. On one hand, I was very proud how flexible I was in handling things. On the other hand, how I look forward to normality again. Washing dishes in the bathroom wasn’t fun. Looking for where oh where did I put x, y, or z got frustrating.

Our old kitchen wasn’t really “bad.” But having change in our lives does wake something up inside, creating a feeling of newness, of growth – and that’s a great feeling.

And I look forward to that – but right now still in upheaval mode. But the first day of getting into order happens tomorrow – can’t wait – our new cabinets will be installed, tho sans doors. That’s okay – it’s progress – at least we can start putting things away and have it easier to find – if we remember our new order 🙂 So far I did that with our new refrigerator (Samsung, and it’s HUGE!!!!) – how wonderful when there’s room and it’s not all crowded.


New and empty – and sooooooo much room

20150727_221747 20150729_09301820150727_17404520150729_093006  20150803_152852 20150803_152912

What you can’t see clearly is all the dust, EVERYWHERE!!! But this, too, will pass. Btw, I could use a good cleaning woman, know anyone????


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