There’s No Place Like Home, Toto

The charm of Wizard of Oz and many other lovely tales, is the adventure the hero/heroine goes on, all the challenges that are met, all the adventures that are encountered, all the lessons learned. And at least in the Wizard of Oz, the happy ending is being back home.

I’m in the midst of our month long travels – and like the tales above, there are challenges to be met, lessons to be learned, but sometimes, it just gets a bit tiring.

The truth is, for me, I am comfortable with the familiar. So in Hungary, we already know the terrain, have stayed often in the same apartment, have family there and I know some of the language.

But Japan is harder – very few people speak English, tho my husband has spent many years learning the language (tho it was also many years ago), it is very basic, and he doesn’t know words like organic, or no meat. So I allow myself compromises – perhaps what I bought was not organic, perhaps the vegan restaurant we found was not the best, perhaps I won’t get my dream and find a good teacher for more mb classes – and perhaps right now I’m just a bit tired – well, not perhaps, I am.

Yes, we’ve seen some beautiful places and will see many more beautiful places. And yes, I do love my own food and we are well stocked with all I need. And yes, I very much enjoy being in Japan, love the gentleness, the cleanliness, the incredible beauty of ancient crafts – maybe I should just go to sleep??? Sure, there have been disappointments, but I can live with them. Maybe I just miss home??

But have to remind myself, it’s good to see new things, have new experiences, grow from adding newness to our lives. I know when I get home I will miss all this – and I will be overwhelmed with household duties once again – maybe I should just go to sleep!!!!!


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