How do we change??

I entered the wonderful mysterious world of macrobiotics in 1995 – and was amazed that more people didn’t know how it could change lives. I thought perhaps because it was too challenging to actually think about our food and our lives and how it connects, and even more important, to actually spend time cooking. So I spent many years with another friend organizing monthly potlucks to help spread the word and encourage people.

But that became quite time consuming and too demanding for me. So I was fortunate enough to be introduced into the world of computers, and started (again with help from friends) a support group, where we had weekly potlucks, without the pressure of always finding a speaker. This started in 2003 – and went through many permutations, different people, annual Sukkah Kenes, and other activities.

But still, I found I was perhaps expecting too much? I wanted everyone to be as committed as I was, to love it as much as I did, or the very least, to learn and grow and change. I kept writing posts on our group wall (I’d started a yahoo group, which if anyone is interested, you are welcome to join, and often asked the question, what causes change??? actually hoping I was encouraging people to change, grow.

I gave over what I thought were good answers: learning from books, classes, trying new recipes – but I realize now those might have been tools that help bring about change, but not actually cause change. Like so many things in our lives, it starts in our minds – and then things happen. Gretchen Rubin wrote a wonderful book on Happiness and now has just released another important work on Habits – where she looks at it from all sides.

She also has shared much wisdom in her blog – I know this might be obvious to many, but when practiced, it truly can change one’s life.

A big part of macrobiotics is to pay attention – attention to how we feel, what we are cooking, how we are eating, sleeping, releasing toxins, relating to others and just about everything in life. And when we pay attention and want to change, then change can happen (again, perhaps with a little help from our friends). Not saying it’s easy, but reading her words about habits and how to use them to help us change, might also help.

Do people want to change??? Now that’s another story.



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