The Twilight Zone

I’ve been preparing for Pesach for over 30 years and still am bewildered how to manage these days right before the chag. Obviously everyone’s family is different – those who banish all chometz from their homes a week earlier, can then clean  the fridge and stove easily – but our family (and guessing many) having 7 days without chometz is more than enough (witness the lines in the bakeries right after the chag!!).

So I beg everyone please eat up what there is so I can clean the fridge – doesn’t work that well – we’re not big leftover eaters. It might work had I been the only one who cooks in the family and decides what goes in the fridge – but everyone in our family cooks (at the moment, that would be two parents and 3 adult children) – so ever so slowly I try to eliminate mysterious containers of leftovers that don’t look like they will be eaten – and meanwhile, the countdown to the chag continues – I need to be all ready by Thursday. As I may have mentioned, we have both mb and SAD (Standard American Diet, you know, meat, cheese, potatoes, and lots of eggs and sugar), so I cook on Thursday while my husband with the help of the kids cooks on Friday.

Which means Wednesday the kitchen must be turned over to Pesach – everything cleaned and kashered and all the Kosher l’Pesach dishes taken out and put away.

Which means cleaning out all the food from the fridge by Tuesday, tomorrow!!!!! – but still having something to eat/cook – in many families that would mean eating out – in our family it often means looks of bewilderment as how are they going to eat if I”m cleaning. And where is this and where is that??? as I slowly try to move everything out of the way to make room for the Pesach food/utensils.

Which means today is The Twilight Zone – kind of want to keep cleaning but so challenging

And yet, every year it gets done – and every year I look at my kitchen after it has been cleared and cleaned – and think wow, love it like this – then it gets filled up again with more stuff, all kosher l’Pesach – and every year, seems we add more stuff.

There’s another twilight zone right after the chag, when we quickly wash everything and put it all back in the Pesach closet – then all my help leaves as they think that’s enough – only then the real work begins, putting everything back and hoping I find where I put it all 🙂

Chag Pesach v’Kasher to all who participate – If we really feel as if we were back there in Egypt, leaving slavery with Hashem’s guiding hand and bringing us to Nationhood, by giving us the Torah and leading us to Israel, may we all realize what a gift we have and truly truly appreciate Hashem’s miracles in our day as well.

Now, what can I clean?????


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