Is Cooking Magical??

As I’ve often said, wonderful recipes can be found in many places, cookbooks, facebook groups, many teachers’ own sites, youtube has loads of videos, and one can easily google by ingredient. Actually, it seems beautiful pictures of food get the most likes (as well as cute animals) on facebook.

But is a recipe enough? I’ve experienced cooking classes where we were teamed up and each team made the same recipe – and all came out different. Even same recipes that I have made in the past come out different at different times. According to mb, it could be your condition (have you had a tense day? or perhaps you’re feeling weak?), it could be something as simple as the freshness of the ingredients, or even simpler, the patience you have at the time, or a myriad of factors.

But nothing beats having wonderful directions to follow – and of course, following them carefully. My ideal kind of a cooking class is where first the teacher demonstrates, then the student goes home to practice, then comes back to class and does it again. One learns each time. But for those who don’t have time or financial resources to take advantage of such classes, finding good cookbooks is like finding a treasure.20150216_192304The above cookbook is gorgeous, given to us by Pomeranz Store as a gift for a large purchase we made. Very detailed instructions, lots of practical tips and photos one can drool over. It included complex and simple and everything in between.  I don’t care for substituting, and would dearly love to find a macro cookbook of this quality.

We have another cookbook at home which works also as a class instruction for French Cooking, Le Cordon Bleu At Home, which goes from easiest to hardest. It’s a wonderful concept, as opposed to just having lots of recipes. But again, nothing beats being in a real class, asking questions, trying it out for oneself, and most important, practice, practice, practice.

So aside from cookbooks and real classes, we now have wonderful tools with the computer. Many videos can be seen, showing all kinds of lessons, some an entire recipe, some just showing skills. One of my favorites is What I learned from that video is PATIENCE – Luchi mentions that a mistake many make is being in a hurry, and not allowing the onions to cook until they are soft. Patience and focus (not leaving my cooking to go on to the computer “for just one minute”!!) is not something you often read in a cookbook or get in a class, where there is a hurry to get in as many recipes as possible.

Another video mentions how important the right tools are. We spend a fortune on all kinds of things, but not often for good quality tools in the kitchen (unless you love cooking!!). This is a short entertaining video showing how to cut onions without tears, The line that stands out for me is “the biggest tip at the end of the day is you need a good knife…..the knife has got to be sharp…” We think we have good quality tools, that is, it seems to be working, until we use a better one. As in so many cases, we at the beginning of our journey, may not be able to afford the best, but when finally we can, what an eye opener!!!!!

So enjoy finding recipes, but enjoy the journey of how to make it magical even more.


4 thoughts on “Is Cooking Magical??

    1. Jennifer, thank you so much. I realize as I read the last Cooking Carnival, everyone is into recipes, which I totally get. But recipes are everywhere, I wanted more to write about ideas. I look forward to seeing what others think.


      1. There’s nothing wrong with writing about food in general. I think because it’s a kosher COOKING carnival, that’s how people usually slant their posts. Lots of people are blogging about food in a philosophical way as well… sometimes, with recipes. 🙂


  1. Yes, I think cooking is magical, too. For one thing it can totally change the body of the person who eats the food for better or worse. I have heard it said that in the ancient zen Buddhist temples the cook would be the person who was most spiritually pure. That is because the energy he put into the food helped more than anyone else’s to make people healthy as spiritual health can affect physical, emotional and mental health as well. It would be better for all to dine on food from a happy person than an angry one, for example. Energies transforming flood that goes into our bodies to make our blood. That is magic!

    Cooking can be peaceful – almost meditative in the sense that if one is in the flow of it such as when one loses oneself in a work of art or music or feeling the science and wonder of looking at a field of wildflowers or a sunset or watching children play. We can get lost in cooking, too. Sometimes as we get to know recipes well and have experimented with many tastes, one can create by trying another seasoning or combination of vegetables as well. And get ideas! and be very surprised when trying out the finished product at how unique and delicious it is. That is magic! It often doesn’t happen by planning but when one is “struck” – just like magic. This is when cooking becomes creative and even an art.

    But even if not that, just putting down in front of family a dinner night after night and seeing their eyes sparkle more, their bodies grow more, and more smiles. That’s magic!


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