Is mb avodah zarah????

I’ve said the reason I want to share mb is because I love what I’m sharing – I love how it has healed people doctors have given up on, I love how I feel so much healthier (although I never really was that sick) and if I do, G-d forbid, come down with something, I love how quickly I heal. I love how I have so much energy, I love being told I look much younger than the 70 years I have been here. And mostly, I share because I also need the chizuk to keep going, because it’s so easy in this environment to take the path of least resistance and eat whatever is around.


But as I’ve often said, I share, but am not a good teacher. I seem to be missing the ingredient to read another person, and figure out what they will accept and what not.

Order and cleanliness is a big part of mb – and one that I feel I need to work on. And as with so many things in life, I wanted help – so I know when I get someone to help me clean my home, I can work on the order part better. But finding a good house cleaner hasn’t been easy. So I was so excited when I found one who not only cleaned well, but was also interested in natural healing. OOPS – I never ever should have opened my mouth – but my enthusiasm overwhelmed me – and I happily shared everything – without really knowing to whom I was speaking. SILENCE IS GOLDEN – because with silence I don’t make mistakes. I unfortunately wanted to share a book with her, but didn’t have time to find a good one, so just grabbed one – another huge mistake – it was on Nine Star Ki, not an integral part of mb, just something that’s taught – it’s an oriental kind of astrology, fun but not so important – and it frightened her away. She’d rather not work in a home where books like that exist.


ok, G-d willing, a door closes, another will open. But rather than just closing I felt like a door was slammed on me. Some people advise me not to be so sensitive, I don’t know if that’s a character trait that can be changed.


But what can be changed is to be happy. Last Shabbos was the beginning of celebrating Adar, the happiest month in our calendar. Already we were singing at the kiddush, welcoming Adar, welcoming joy Rosh Chodesh Adar will be Thursday/Friday, when the kids in schools all over Israel go way out to start the celebrations. I love all the creativity that goes into costume making, into Purim shpiels, into dancing in the streets – joy is catching.


But in mb, we feel life is full of opposites – which is what creates balance if one know how to use the opposites. Unfortunately, extremes don’t balance well – and the extreme of all the junk food and drinking is a part of Purim that, well, I’m working on in my little way of not indulging. So, now my thoughts are what healthy things can I make in my mishloach manot – and how else can I make this a healthier Purim, still b’simcha.


Shavua Tov, Chodesh Tov




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